Worldwide Insight was developed in 2014, in order to connect some of the world’s best known and loved Insight Meditation teachers with the Worldwide sangha of dharma students / yogis / mindfulness practitioners.

We are committed to a broad and diverse dharma offering:

  • Sessions with Dharma teachers with diverse backgrounds and cultural perspectives
  • A range of both world-renowned teachers and lesser known voices
  • Teachings you don’t hear on retreats: Bringing dharma wisdom to daily life themes such as work, relationships, sex, communication, culture, ecology and consumerism, as well as ethics, meditation and the liberation of the heart.

Teachings are offered on the basis of dana, inviting you to support the teachers you value and the practice you love.

Worldwide Insight was founded and is operated by 3 committed dharma practitioners:

Martin Aylward, Guiding Teacher of Worldwide Insight
Amy Jacob, our technical director whose wizardry makes the teachers appear on your computer screen and allows you to interact live with them during sessions
Giles Collins, our Marketing director, who communicates with teachers to build the schedule and puts the word out so that you know we are here.

You can stay in touch with Worldwide Insight through Facebook and Twitter to get updates on our Sunday schedule and hear who is teaching what, when.

Martin, Amy and Giles have founded Realize, the online platform which powers Worldwide Insight. In addition, Realize also hosts online courses with respected and renowned spiritual teachers from various traditions, using the best online technology to bring deepening wisdom, love and liberation, right to you. See our list of upcoming courses at realizemedia.org

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