Co-Creating a Trauma-Informed Recovery Community

Jun 11, 2016 | Brian Dean Williams

Trauma fuels addictions. Addictions fuel trauma.Trauma creates ripe causes and conditions for addictions to arise. Addictions are traumatizing at biological, mental, spiritual, and social levels. In this session, we will explore the causes and effects of trauma, and how to work with and through it in our recovery – not just for ourselves individually, but as a collective responsibility that is expressed in Sangha and in the world at large.

Brian would like to share two links which are related to this class:

Willoughby Britton’s Dark Night Project

and also

Jane Compson (2014) Meditation, Trauma and Suffering in Silence: Raising Questions about How Meditation is Taught and Practiced in Western Contexts in the Light of a Contemporary Trauma Resiliency Model

This session is from Worldwide Insight’s Healing & Insight series which ran in 2016. This series explored the sharp end of suffering – including addiction in its broadest sense, depression, physical and mental pain, and stress – through the lens of the Buddhist teachings.

Co-Creating a Trauma-Informed Recovery Community

by Brian Dean Williams | Audio Version


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