Using Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and Purify Purpose

Mar 26, 2016 | Shakya Kumara

Before the session, Shakya wrote: “I burnt out at age 20 – and found a way to recover. I don´t want other people to suffer in the same way too – and those who are already suffering from burnout, I’d like you to have a good way to recover. This 90 minute on-line event, hosted by Worldwide Insight, will start with a guided meditation. This will be especially oriented towards reducing stress and helping you clarify what’s important in your route forward. Then I’ll tell you some of my story of burnout and recovery. I’ll weave in some of the Buddha’s teachings and how they can transform work (in a completely radical way that might be completely invisible to others….. until they feel the benefit!).”

This session is from Worldwide Insight’s Healing & Insight series which ran in 2016. This series explored the sharp end of suffering – including addiction in its broadest sense, depression, physical and mental pain, and stress – through the lens of the Buddhist teachings.

Using Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and Purify Purpose

by Shakya Kumara | Audio Version


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